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American Diabetes Association

We are very proud to be members of the American Diabetes Association


Your eyes are truly a window to your health! We often seek medical attention if our eyes hurt, or turn red, or if our vision becomes blurry. However, we do not often get our eyes examined regularly if we are not having any problems with them. Routine eye examinations are important even if our eyes and vision are fine because many blinding eye diseases have few or no warning signs until they have taken away some or all of our vision.

Dr. Correale’s exams are a thorough evaluation of the eye and visual system. Aside from determining the need for optical correction, our ocular health will be assessed and evaluated for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. An eye examination may also reveal complications of systemic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension as well as complications from medications. Her office is equipped with state of the art pre-testing and examination equipment to help her protect her patients from these diseases and unwanted conditions.


As an expert in contact lens fittings, Dr. Correale fits both Soft and Gas Permeable contacts. She has fit thousands of patients who need correction for astigmatism and or requires a multifocal contact lens. She is also successful in fitting those with complex prescriptions who might have been considered difficult to fit in the past. Every patient considering contacts are welcomed to a free consultation at the time of their exam. New contact lens wearers are instructed and trained in using and caring for their contacts by experienced technicians.


Dr. Correale is happy to answer any questions about Lasik vision correction. Being a good candidate and using a top surgeon with years of experience having the most up to date state of the art equipment is the key to successful results. For over 10 years she has worked closely with Dr. Eric Donnenfeld and his team at the TLC Lasik Center in determining who can get the best results from this procedure. Once a good candidate is determined, Dr. Correale does the pre-op and the post-op care. She has seen many of her patients go from contacts and glasses to better than 20/20 vision.


An exciting technology has been developed that may allow you to have a comprehensive retinal exam without the use of dilating drops. Optomap, a product developed by Optos, is a retinal imaging product that gives doctors a view of the retina without the use of dilating drops.

Optomap is a camera that digitally scans the retina. The test is non-invasive and takes only seconds to complete. Different wavelengths of light are used to capture the image. The image can then be filtered, allowing various layers of the retina to be evaluated. The image can be viewed on a computer monitor and stored for future comparisons.


Age related diseases like Glaucoma and Macular degeneration [AMD] can cause permanent vision loss and seriously impair your quality of life unless they are caught early and treated effectively.

Our practice features a unique and powerful eye scanning system called SPECTRALIS that can help detect these potentially debilitating diseases in their earliest stages-and help monitor treatment effectiveness. An eye examination is the only way to catch these conditions early so call for an appointment today!