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What can I say about Dr. Correale? She has been my, my wife’s and our daughter’s Optometrist for over a decade. She is a dedicated professional who, unlike many people, knows the value of the personal touch. Dr. Correale is a thorough eye-care provider who takes the time not just to tell a patient the results of an examination, but to explain the meaning of those results in simple, direct terms, and then to listen to the patient’s cares and concerns. This professional, friendly, and caring attitude is shared by Judy, her office manager, and the staff, making patients feel not just welcomed but well-cared for. I have, will, and do recommend Dr. Correale, without a moment’s hesitation, to anyone needing or looking for an Optometrist in whom they can place their full confidence.

-The Glicksman Family

I have had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Correale’s patients since 2001. It recently occurred to me that of all the doctors I have had, this doctor-patient relationship has lasted the longest. I asked myself why. Her office is run by very caring, capable professionals. They are always happy to be there. I have never seen anyone on her staff be anything less than exceptionally courteous to anyone. The staff takes the tone from their great leader. Dr. Correale is a professional who understands her craft. She is simply amazing. She is a perfect optometrist. What sets her apart is how much she genuinely cares about her patients. She is constantly asking me to do this or do that in order to take better care of my vision.

There are closer Optometrists to my home. There are cheaper Optometrists. I don't care. This is my Optometrist. Not every decision in life is easy and simple. This one is. I proudly recommend Dr. Correale to anyone.

- Sean W.

I have been Dr. Correale’s patient for many years. The new office is beautiful and the staff is always attentive, professional and so accommodating. During eye exams I always feel that Dr. Correale has my best interest at heart…she explains everything and is always polite, takes her time with the exam and is extremely professional. I always recommend her to people looking for an Optometrist.

-Lori D.

A testimonial from Dr. Correale’s office Manager? Why not! I have worked in the Optical field for over 15 years under several Optometrists. I met Dr. Correale on the job 12 years ago and came on board as her office manager in 2006 when she opened her own practice. I have seen hundreds of patients leave our office delighted with their exams and prescriptions, many expressing “that’s the best eye exam I ever had!” Why is that? From what I have observed, it is because of the time and attention she gives each individual. They can sense that she really cares about them and wants each one to have the best eye health and vision possible. It is not odd to hear lots of talking and laughing coming out from her exam room. It is Dr. Correale’s upbeat personality that makes it so easy for her patients to interact with her. She is also educating them in everything they need to know about what’s going on with their vision and eye health.

I have also watched Dr. Correale give freely hours of her time in community service. Once a week she continues to open appointment slots for those in need of eye exams and glasses who do not have insurance and cannot afford it. Churches, Battered Woman shelters, social workers and Schools that service low income communities, send her those who are truly needy. Once a year she would examine as many as 30 plus children. Prescreened by school nurses, they were not able to see the chalk board or read their books with clear vision. How rewarding it was for all of us who assisted her to see these children now have an opportunity to reach their ultimate student potential!

Over the years, I have met and spoken with hundreds of loyal satisfied patients of which I am one. A great Doctor with a happy disposition and a caring & giving heart, in my opinion is a real find when choosing any healthcare professional. Couple that with a professional staff that reflects her sunny personality and you have coming to the eye doctor an enjoyable experience!

- Judy, Office Manager

I've been wearing glasses for 50 years. That accounts for many visits to eye doctors! I was blessed to meet Dr. Correale about 10 years ago after moving to this area. It was apparent from the very beginning of my exam that she cared deeply about what she was doing, and even as a brand new patient, I got the sense that she really cared about me..She took time to explain everything and gave me an exceptional examination experience. Shortly thereafter, my husband also became her patient, followed by all three of my (then) young children. She was great with the kids, and helped them to relax and even enjoy the exams. Through glasses and contact lenses and more glasses, we all agree….Dr. Correale is the best!

And now, a few words about her staff….Friendly, accommodating , professional and they even laugh at my husbands corny jokes!

Sight is a precious gift. We completely trust Dr. Correale with our family eyecare and overall optical health. Ultimately she is an exceptional doctor and over the years, because of the way she has cared for us, we now consider her a wonderful family friend.

- The Brickner Family